Benefits Of Sodium Bicarbonate Bath

We have all heard about baking soda. This is found in each and every kitchen and used in various foods. The chemical name of this very white material is sodium bicarbonate. This is not only for foods and it has many other benefits for our body. It is used to treat many skin conditions. Adding this to water can prepare a bath that can treat many conditions plaguing us. There are sodium and bicarbonate ions in the soda. So, it completely dissolves in water. It is used in cleaning products and oral products.

Yeast infection:

Candida cells are responsible for the fungal infection from which we suffer. These cells can be killed by baking soda. Yeast infection and fungal infections are quite common. Sometimes, pain and swelling also accompany yeast infection. These make it impossible for people to do even daily chores. Having a bath in baking soda water can kill the cells and give the patient some relief. It also helps people to recover much faster. Buy sodium bicarbonate online and use it for treating yeast infections.

Fungal nail and skin infection:

Sodium bicarbonate has antifungal properties. Some people suffer from some fungal strains that affect their nails and skin. So, baking soda can be a solution for them. People who suffer from nail fungus named onychomycosis face crumbly, thick and discolored nails. They can find relief by soaking hands in sodium bicarbonate water every day. But it is necessary to consult the doctor before doing so as precaution. Buy sodium bicarbonate and use it to treat nail fungal infections.


Eczema is a skin condition that causes inflamed, dry and itchy skin. Even, people break skin by scratching the areas. Thus, skin becomes prone to infection that makes our skin condition worse. This becomes unbearable for patients. Sodium bicarbonate can help to reduce symptoms and prevent flare ups in some patients. Taking warm bath with baking soda added to the water will help to soothe itchy skin. As skin is dry it is necessary to moisturise it immediately.


Inflammation and itchy skin are caused by psoriasis. It becomes tough for people even to touch some things as these aggravate the condition. Inflammation reduction can be aggravated by oatmeal bath. ½ cup sodium bicarbonate in oatmeal bath helps many people to reduce itchiness and irritation. After the bath, skin will get drier and irritation can be caused. So, it is necessary to moisturise the skin immediately after. All these skin conditions can be treated with baking soda. But it is necessary to get advice of the doctor.