Different Types Of Printer Cartridges

Buying a printer cartridge may be a hassle for you as you will have to look for toner cartridges that will be compatible with your printing device as well as provides sufficient quality printing output for your needs. The compatibility is a priority when it comes to purchasing the cartridge. You will have to look in different suppliers to find a good deal.

There are toner and ink cartridges in the market. They are not the same and you need to know what the difference is. Toner cartridges use dry plastic powder that is bonded to the paper which produces a print. Ink cartridges have liquid ink which is transferred to the page by a print head. Some printers have integrated print heads and others have print heads that come attached with the printer ink cartridges. In the case of the latter, the print head will be replaces every time you replace the cartridge. There are single and combined cartridge units as well. One choice is having the black cartridge in a single unit and the colour in a combined unit. This option is convenient for someone who prints a lot of text. You have the freedom of replacing the black cartridge as required without making changes to the colour cartridge. Your printer will come with a starter cartridge which is quite smaller than the normal cartridge. There are high capacity ink cartridges that carry more ink which is good for someone who has a large printing output. These are quite expensive than the normal cartridges. But it will be cheaper for you in the long run as you will be able to print a higher number of pages. Not every printer is able to accommodate a high capacity ink cartridge so you have to look into this fact before you buy the printer. You need to be sure of what your requirements are before you purchase a printer and a cartridge. Usually, laser printers are preferred in the workplace given the quickness and the efficiency of the printing.

But if you’re a designer and you need accurate colour blending, you can look for printer ink cartridges for sale. You can have a more detailed output from it. Based on what you print, you can go for different types of ink. There are pigment based and dye based ink. Pigment based inks are better if you’re printing on paper. The type of pigment you choose will have an impact on the characteristic of the ink such as hue, brightness and saturation. Dye based ink is less efficient than the pigment based inks and they can bleed around the edges given that they soak into the paper. You will also find different cartridges such as OEM or original equipment manufacturer cartridges, compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges.