How To Celebrate The Mardi Gras At Home

Mardi Gras is a French word that means “Fat Tuesday”. It is a carnival celebration reflecting the practice of last night of eating richer and fatty foods before the Lenten Season. The carnival is celebrated 46 days before Easter. Different countries celebrate Mardi Gras in different ways. For some places, it begins on the Christian Feast of the Epiphany and ends on the day before Ash Wednesday. The most popular Mardi Gras is in New Orleans, Louisiana. Wherever you are, you can also celebrate the Mardi Gras. These are the important elements of a Mardi Gras celebration:

The Decorations

Before you go and purchase your party decoration Sutherland Shire, take note of the colors associated with the celebration. Purple symbolizes justice, while green symbolized faith, and gold symbolizes power. These are the colors associated with Mardi Gras. Use these colors in creating beads, masks and party favors.If you’re throwing a party, send invitations in advance and encourage your guests to put on costumes. Set the mood by sending out decorative invitations and advise them that they would vote for the King and Queen of the Krewe during the party.

The Food

Although the carnival is highlighted by the festive parade, the food should not be forgotten. Prepare traditional Mardi Gras food and drinks. King Cake is an oval cake decorated with purple, green and gold icing. According to tradition, a baby figurine is placed inside the cake. Whoever gets the figurine will host the next party. Po Boy is a traditional sub sandwich. The New Orleans version has shrimp. There are also cocktail drinks that are traditional to the carnival celebration. Traditional drinks for the celebration are Mardi Gras Martinis and Sazerac cocktails. For a bit of twist, put colorful party lollies as your martini stirrer. Visit 

The Music

To imbibe the Mardi Gras atmosphere, create a playlist for the party. Brass, Zydeco, Bounce and Gypsy Jazz are just some of the musical styles for the Mardi Gras. Put your guests in the festive mood by blasting this type of music during the party.

The Parade

With your guests decked out in their best Mardi Gras outfit, lead them to a parade. The King and Queen of the Krewe would lead the parade around the house or your yard. If you want to take it to the streets, do so as long as you have permit. If there’s a pub near your house that celebrates the Mardi Gras, maybe a parade towards the place would pump up the festivities some more.
The Mardi Gras is about celebration so go all out and have fun. Enjoy your Mardi Gras and dance the night away.