Opening Your Own Shisha Lounge

Shisha lounges are becoming more and more famous due to the demand for shisha. Therefore, if you are someone who has extensive knowledge about shisha and has the capital to open a cafe, this article is something that you should definitely read and make notes out of. Opening a shisha lounge is never an easy thing and there are several things you have to pay special attention to. Therefore, ensure that you take down anything important that you may find in this article. Here are some tips that will be very valuable to you when you are opening your own shisha lounge.

Compartmentalize the Lounge

It is important that you compartmentalize the lounge into several rooms and sections. Generally, people tend to smoke things like shisha in small groups of four or five. When this is the case, they would like their own personal space for themselves. Therefore, ensure that you compartmentalize the lounge. This will be useful, especially if you allow people to smoke things like tobacco E liquid within the lounge and there are people who do not like this being done around them. Therefore, ensure that you compartmentalize the lounge.

Have an Extensive Menu It can get extremely tiring for your waiters to explain the shisha menu over and over again to the customers. Therefore, it is important that you have an extensive menu for the customers to read through. For an example if you are selling things like E-liquid ensure that you have this included in the menu as well. This way you do not have to worry about anything at all. Ensure that you have all flavours and everything in the menu as well. Have a Steady Supplier

It is important that you have a steady supplier for your needs. If you have a steady supplier you will not need to worry about running out of things. Ensure that you inform the supplier when you are running out of goods so that they can bring and restock. If you wait till the last minute where you wait for everything to finish you might be putting your customers at a comfort vaporizer e cig as well.

Do Not Charge Excessively There are some shisha places that charge excessive amounts for their services provided. However, most people are looking for a place that charges the proper amount and does not charge too much. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you do not charge more than what you should charge for the services you offer. This way you will end up having a lot of customers as well.